Afternoon Reading...

Quiet Sunday afternoons are a treasure...especially after a busier-than-usual week bookended by a Monday morning trip to the ER and a Saturday afternoon birthday party! (Photos coming soon. :-))  The kids even seemed to be craving "down time", and occupied themselves quietly all afternoon.  

I spent the afternoon in my favorite chair, at my desk...reading, perusing a few new blogs, and doing a bit of planning for the upcoming week.  As I've mentioned before, my non-fiction reading is done in a decidedly "non-linear" fashion...more "by the stack".   Here's a look at this afternoon's stack...

Keeping House,  Margaret Kim Peterson
The Consolations of Imperfection,  Donald McCollough
Growing Creative Kids, Wesley Sharpe
E.M. Bounds on Prayer, E.M. Bounds
The Creative Call, Janice Elsheimer

Much good reading...I hope to share some notes soon!

I also spent some time browsing some new (to me) blogs...

Home at Last (Guess I should add that this one is not a blog.  It is a Flickr photo set by the author of "Walk Slowly, Live Wildly").   I love what they have done with this little house!!  Cozy, cheerful, and very inspiring.

Even better than a nap!  What's your favorite way to spend Sunday afternoon?

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Kecia said...

Taking a nap! I love cloudy, cool Sunday afternoons, with a boring sport on the TV (baseball, NASCAR, golf) that just lulls me to sleep. I only got 20 minutes today.