Reporting in on the Chocolate Cobbler...:-)

Several have asked for a report on the Chocolate Cobbler. I can sum it up in one word...Yumm! My in-laws are in town and came over for dessert Tuesday night, and I made the Chocolate Cobbler and Paula Deen's Symphony Brownies. It was quite a chocolate feast, served with lots of vanilla ice cream. (You *must* have vanilla ice cream for the Chocolate Cobbler! And preferably a glass of milk as well. :))

Jody had posted a link to Southern Plate a while back, and I've found several great recipes there, and have a stack of others I can't wait to try. The pizza rolls especially were a big hit here, and Billy is impatiently waiting for me to make the chicken and dumplings. (They're in the works for this weekend.) My friend Jodie first told me about the Symphony Brownies...they had received rave reviews at her house, and I couldn't wait to try them. The only problem was that I only ate a very small one, thinking I would have more later...and then Billy sent the *leftovers* home with his sister! So I will have to make them again soon...:-D)

I am *not* a food photographer. I have a *terrible* time getting food pictures to turn out the least bit *recognizable*, much less *appetizing*. So don't let this photo scare you off! :-) (I didn't get a photo of the brownies before they left...sorry. :))

By the way...the other great thing about both of these recipes is that they are *easy* to make, and require pretty simple ingredients. We did school all day Tuesday, cleaned house a bit, and threw these together pretty much "at the last minute". Can't beat that! :-D


Life at the Lake said...

Okay, now I'm convinced I need to try this recipe really soon, like after I make a stop by Braums for ice cream, maybe. I absolutely love Southern Plate's blog. I love to read cookbooks but I am not good at trying new recipes. After I found her site, I tried 5, yes 5, new recipes in one week. Her country casserole was the hands down favorite. The pizza rolls - they were very easy and very good.

Kecia said...

Oh my goodness, how long would it take me to get to your house for some chocolate cobbler!! It sounds & looks wonderful.

t marie said...

What a great idea Kecia! Let's go to Jef's house for chocolate cobbler and lots of laughing!

Jennifer said...

Let me know when you will be here, and I will have a warm one waiting!! Wouldn't that be FUN???

Jody...thanks again for the link to SP! I've printed off several more to try on next week's menu. :)