I haven't posted much about political issues here, which is actually a bit odd, considering poli sci was my minor and actually my first academic love. :) I haven't been quite as vocal on political issues in the past few years as I used to be, for a variety of reasons, but I am still as passionate about them *inside*, and as certain of their importance.

John McCain was nowhere near my top choice for the Republican nominee for president. However, when it became clear who the candidates were going to be, there was no doubt in my mind that despite my earlier misgivings about John McCain, I would be voting for him this November. Sarah Palin's nomination as McCain's running mate made me feel much better about the ticket, but despite what people say about not "voting for the lesser of two evils", the main reason I will vote for John McCain is Barack Obama.

As most who know me are aware, I have had issues with Hillary Clinton since I met her as a junior high student when she was first lady of Arkansas. I cried the night her husband was elected to the presidency the first time, and couldn't even watch the election returns the night he was elected to his second term. I have said ever since the first rumors began to circulate years ago about her trying for the presidency in 2008 that I was much more frightened of the consequences of a "Hillary" presidency than I was of a "Bill" one. And yet, having said all that, I would *much* have preferred to be facing the thought of Hillary Clinton as president than Barack Obama.

Our friend Susan Baker, wife of former Arkansas Republican party chairman and state senator Gilbert Baker, posted a link to this article from the Washington Times. Read it carefully. It should be read by anyone who is planning to vote in November...and anyone who is tempted not to. There is much more at stake in this election than many of us realize.

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You have expressed my thoughts completely.