Simple Woman's Daybook

September 1, 2008

Outside My Window...

Lots of sunshine, quiet streets (everyone sleeping in on the holiday morning?)

I am thinking...

that I do not have time for this bizarre headache I've been battling all night. Busy days today, tomorrow, and Wednesday...and much to do today to prepare!

that I'm glad Billy is home today!

that I would really like to go back to bed! ;-)

I am thankful...

that our new school year is scheduled to start tomorrow, and my children are giddy with excitement!

for friends and much-needed encouragement lately.

for God providing "new-to-me" schoolbooks I'd been looking for very inexpensively. They arrived Saturday and I cannot *wait* to dig into them!

for fellowship, fun, and encouragement at church last night.

for my husband, who takes care of me and everything else without complaint when I don't feel well.

for flowers from my sweet son. :)

From the kitchen...

Yummy pasta salad yesterday from my friend's grandmother's recipe. Ammah Grace saw me making it yesterday and said, "Me love that stuff!" :-D (And she does...she has loved it ever since she was teeny tiny and had it for the first time at Mrs. Jodie's house. :))

*Still* thinking of making some banana bread and maybe a chocolate pie later
in the week (didn't get that far last week :-*/).

Hoping to get our friend Will's potato salad recipe in time to make it this week...that guy can cook! :)

I am wearing...

still in my pj's...ack! (It *is* a holiday! ;-))

I am creating...

mostly a mess, as I prep stuff for the Growing Kids Sale!
*still* working on lesson plans,
and still scrapping.

I am going...

to be *waay* busier than I want to be this week!

to finish sorting and tagging for the Growing Kids Sale today (yes, I'm WAY behind!)

to take the kids' on a field trip in the morning (and no, that wasn't part of my original *plan* for our first day of school, but we are practicing flexibility! :))

I am reading...

Raising Musical Kids, by Patrick Kavanaugh,
Discovering Great Artists,
*Still* lots of school planning stuff. :)
And mostly the same stuff I was reading last week. ;-)

I am hoping...

to feel better this week (and have an amazing infusion of energy!),
for a great first week of school,
to get this tagging over with more quickly than I'm expecting. Blech!

I am hearing...

my children chattering,
the washer humming,
Billy puttering.

Around the house...

Sorting fall clothes (for the sale, not because it is anywhere near time to wear them!)

A few of my favorite things...

Laughing with my husband or friends at things no one else would find remotely funny. :-D

Finally getting to relax and enjoy a movie with my husband after a long, hard week.

My children's excitement about starting school!

New schoolbooks. :)
(And the excitement of tearing open a package of *new-to-me* books in the mail, knowing that God provided a really good "deal" on them, and the anticipation of what I will find within the pages. :))

friends who share my excitement over all things bookish!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:

Growing Kids Sale (ack!)...tagging, dropping off, shopping, working,
Field trip Tuesday,

and *still need to* finalize plans for "what to do next with my hair" (it's in severe need of an overhaul, after being up in a ponytail all summer...the ponytail has got to go, and some sort of *style* must take its place. :)) ARRGGGGGHHH!

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Sandra said...

I enjoyed reading your daybook :)

My Daybook Entry

theresa said...

Praying that your first day of school goes well. We start next week. :o)

kadezmom said...

Hope you had a fun field trip and as one of those thinning hair women who NEVER have a decent hair day and can no longer do the pony tail thing......KEEP THE PONYTAIL GOING. Styled hair is an oxymoron anyway *wink*