Mercy Week

This week is Mercy Week at St. Ed's. Last night was Family Night for employees and their families...an outdoor movie and snacks. We had a blast sprawled out on our blankets in the dark in front of the giant inflatable movie screen eating cotton candy. :)

The cotton candy only *looks* like it is stuck in Em's hair...Bay was lying on the blanket behind her with her cotton candy sticking up in the air. ;-)

Gracie was a bit overwhelmed for a while...
Silly girls...
I kept trying to get pictures of Peter, and he kept maneuvering where all I could get was the back of his head. Argh!

See? I have a whole slew of variations on this shot. :-D
The big screen...we decided it looked like a huge upended trampoline. :)

I took this while Emlyn was lying in my lap...I was playing with the nighttime settings on the camera. ;-)
A fun, relaxing family night!

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