I have the sweetest kids...

Arrgghhh! I got these pictures loaded this morning and decided I didn't have time to add the text, so I *thought* I saved them to draft. Except...apparently Blogger decided to publish them instead. ;-) So...apologies to anyone who popped in today and wondered what on earth these crazy pictures were all about!

I've had a couple of conversations lately about the ups and downs of having *big kids* all of the sudden, instead of *littles*. It seems like it happened almost overnight! I miss having little ones in many ways, but there are things that are really nice about having a bigger crew. One is that when mom isn't feeling well, instead of my worrying about how I am going to take care of *them*, they are not only able to take care of *themselves* (well, mostly ;-)), but they are really sweet to help take care of *mom*.

Yesterday was one of those days. We did school from the couch, and even on mom's bed for a while, and then mom had to have a nap. Peter and Bayley had offered to fix lunch, so I rested and read while they got everyone fed, and then they had free time while I slept a bit. When I woke up, they had quite a surprise...a *show* just for me! I'm not quite sure where they came up with this tradition, but as long as I can remember, when someone isn't feeling well, those who are still up and going put together a *show* for the sick.

What a crew!

This show was a blend of an old western and Star Wars....Cowboys in Space, or something like that. :-D
The Cowgirls...

Miss Prim and Proper, even on her horse...

These two kept me in stitches!

Look closely...can you see that Gracie has her sword down the back of her shirt? :-D

Ride 'Em, Cowgirl!

The girls see something in the tent...

It's Indian Pete!

What a way to be cheered up on a dreary day! I love these creative kiddoes!


kel said...

How sweet. I miss my little ones too but I love being able to go out to lunch and a real conversation with Britt too.

Kecia said...

That's great! I love watching imagination at work--my girls were in the middle of producing a play when we had to leave for Conway. I'm like you, I thought I'd always want them little, but it's been fun seeing them grow and learn.
Hope you're feeling better--