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August 26, 2008

Outside My Window...
Sunshine, and "school has definitely started" morning stillness.

I am thinking...
that I need to get my thoughts in order! This is one of those days when my thoughts are a jumble. This is our last *quiet week* of vacation, staying home, a relaxed schedule...and the *list* to get ready for the coming weeks is a mile long!!

Trying to "forget what is behind, and press on toward the mark", and "RWYK" this week.

Pondering again the need to "Give it up, Let it go, Throw it down..." in some areas (from our "Moses" music experience Sunday).

I am thankful for...
my husband, who truly demonstrates the selflessness of Christ to me...
and that we are past the "first date fruits and vegetables" stage!
(Don't panic if you don't get that...it was one of those "you just have to be th
ere" things ;-))

my children, and the desires I am seeing in the older ones to grow in Christ
(and Ammah Grace's constantly keeping us in stitches, even as she is wearing us completely out! ;-) :-D ),

my parents, who sacrificed much for their children,

our church, which is truly a family,

friends God has given who make the journey so much more bearable and fun!

creative outlets,

and the blessing of being able to homeschool my children.

From the kitchen...
We're on a *no-bake cookie* kick...which will last until the humidity (or whatever gremlin it is that causes some percentage of my no-bake batches *not* to set) strikes again and we have a batch of my infamous no-bake soup. ;-)

I'm thinking of making some banana bread and maybe a chocolate pie later
in the week.

Saloon Beef sandwiches on the menu tonight, *if* I get the meat in the crock pot on time. :)

I am wearing...
denim capris and a red and white shirt, with my dawn-to-dusk summer footwear, my black jeweled flip flops.

I am creating...
school and schedule plans for the year!
Life learning notebooks for my children,
and still working my way through scrapbooking projects much more slowly than I should be!

I am going...
I'm actually going to go see my MIL tonight...she's been here all weekend and I haven't seen her yet! I'm probably also going to get beaten by everyone in the family on the Wii. ;-)

We're *actually* planning to take Billy to work (for one of the first times all summer) this Thursday and go to lunch with Kathy, Kaitlyn, and Josh. Kaitlyn (the *planner* of the group:)) said to her mom, "We need to go to Chick-Fil-A one last time before we all start school and you start this new *MOTH schedule* thing!" :-D So we are!

Other than running some errands while we're out that day, I'm planning on a low-key week. The last couple have been busier than we're used to these days, and I need to recupe
rate! (Especially since next week we have the holiday, the start of our school year, and the GK Sale...ack!)

I am reading...
lots of school planning stuff. :)
Hidden Art, by Edith Schaeffer (I'm supposed to be doing a book club discussion on this, and I need to get on it! I promise I haven't forgotten, Julie!))
Faithlift and Treasures of Heaven in the Stuff of Earth, both by Babbie Mason. I'm so excited about these!
Need to finish A Bend in the Road, by David Jeremiah, this week, as well as the biography of Charles Spurgeon.

I am hoping...
For a peaceful, productive week,
and for another phone call to come quickly!

I am hearing...
the fan behind me,
our *new* 12-year-old Beagle (that we inherited from my in-laws a few weeks ago) snoring as she sleeps beside my desk. :)

my children in their rooms trying to pretend they aren't awake (they had a *very* late night last night because Nonna is in town! :))

Around the house...
I *must* finish organizing the books this week!
I *must* catch up on the mountain of laundry again this week!

One of my favorite things...
Seeing my children working hard to please God and mom and dad...even when it is a real struggle sometimes.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
Prepare for school,
Prepare for the Growing Kids Sale (ack!),
Finalize plans for the weekend,

and finalize plans for "what to do next with my hair" (it's in severe need of an overhaul, after being up in a ponytail all summer...the ponytail has got to go, and some sort of *style* must take its place. :))

Here is picture thought I am sharing...
Silly Glamour Girls at the GA sleepover. They had a blast, and I discovered that you are never *really* too old for a sleepover. :)
(Facebook friends...more sleepover pics on my FB page:))

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Kecia said...

Okay, I just did a double take...where you wrote "morning stillness," my eyes saw "morning sickness." Ha!