For Today...
August 4, 2008

Outside my Window...
Sunny Skies heading toward record high temps again. Not a hint of a breeze. Dried up grass and asphalt streets you could fry an egg on. :)

I am thinking...
I wish I had a laptop so that I could be online and in the room with AC at the same time. :)

I am thankful for...
the cool air we *do* have, even though it would be nice to have more. :)

a husband and friends who put up with me even when I am not at my m
ost lovable.

children with sensitive, tender hearts.

songs in the night.

From the kitchen...
a menu centered around "whatever we can eat that doesn't require the use of the oven or stove between the hours of 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. :) I have completely revamped menu and schedule until the current heat wave ends!
(See my Menu Plan Monday post for details.)

I am wearing...
navy shorts and a tangerine shirt with my "wear everywhere" black jeweled flip flops. :)

I am reading...
a whole stack of books, as usual!

In addition to books I was already working my way through (A Bend in the Road, Hidden Art, When All Hell Breaks Loose, and The Dangerous Duty of Delight), I'm starting a few more this week...

Fix Your Eyes on Jesus, by one of my favorite authors, Anne Ortlund. I've had this book forever and pull it out periodically...I needed it this weekend!!

Meet Me at the Well, by Virelle Kidder, an author I had never encountered before. This is on loan from a friend and was one of those "just what I needed just when I needed it" books. I'm looking forward to reading more of it.

And a biography of Charles Spurgeon I checked out at the library.

I am hoping...
that the phone call I'm waiting on comes sooner rather than later.

I am hearing...
a quieter than usual Monday morning, as the children are all busy with quiet things. :)

Around the house...
I need to *finish* sorting and organizing books!

Cleaning and decluttering in short spurts in the "coole
r" hours of the day.

Otherwise, lots of plans on deck for activities that can be done from the recliner or the sofa in the cool air of the living room window unit (school planning, reading with the kids, scrapbooking projects, letter writing, Bible study, etc.)...too hot to do much else here this week!

A few of my favorite things...
a rare Sunday afternoon nap. :)

an unexpected card from a friend.

"girls night out" dinner with a friend, or "family night" dinner with another family...time to talk and laugh and be encouraged and even be a bit (or sometimes a lot) silly. :)

coming home from the store to find my wonderful hubby has done the dishes for me!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...
Staying as cool as possible in triple-digit temps.

Getting up earlier to take advantage of cooler time in the early morning, and adding an afternoon nap later in the day.

Getting caught up on my "around the house" list above. :)

Planning the girls birthdays!! (next week and the week after. :))

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...A serious Monopoly match with the kids a while back. :) I just realized this morning I haven't taken a picture all week! *That* is almost unheard of. Guess I need to get snapping. ;-)

Thanks to Peggy for hosting the Simple Woman's Daybook each week!

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