More birthday....:-)

We always let the kids open one present when they get up on their birthday, and then they have to wait until Dad gets home from work to open the rest. (It's always exciting when a birthday falls on the weekend so they don't have to wait!) Bay had waited anxiously *all* day for Daddy to come home so she could open this gift...

And it was worth the wait! Her Hobby Lobby gift card for scrapbook supplies, and a pink "padfolio" because she has wanted one for ages. (She may not *look* like me, but her wish lists sure look like mine! Notebooks and paper and crafty stuff...;-))
Another highlight of her day. Long-standing birthday tradition around here is Mr. John singing "Birthday" by the Beatles (aka "Mr. John's Crazy Birthday Song" :-D) He didn't get to come eat last night, but his call was a very fun surprise. I think her face says it all...

Bayley and Kaitlyn weren't happy about having their picture taken *again*.
Silly boys!
Em wasn't in a picture-taking mood, either.
Poor Mrs. Kathy learned a valuable lesson last night...never take menu suggestions from an Italian child. My children all tolerate spicy food at young ages (unlike their mother...:)), and Bayley's recommendation of the Jalapeno chips had Kathy breathing smoke!
Josh, of course, kept us all in stitches, between his dancing (they should have advertised the live entertainment!) and his ever-present verbal wit.
Bayley said it was a *great* birthday...:-D

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Kecia said...

GREAT pictures! I love seeing your family. Please tell your mom "hi"! Your Bayley is 6 months older than my Mikayla. And when we named her, we thought we were going to call her "Kaylee"! Funny.
I also have that gift bag in the first pic. under my bed waiting to be used again. :)