Trust His Heart, Revisited

About a month ago, I blogged about a song that has been a favorite of mine for years. Babbie Mason's "Trust His Heart" has been on my mind often in the weeks since.

Tonight I noticed on my stat counter that someone had visited my blog as a result of a Google search on "story behind Trust His Heart, Babbie Mason". I decided perhaps I should search that myself, since the song has meant so much to me recently...in fact, I was a bit surprised that I hadn't thought of it before, as I love to know "the story behind the song".

That search led to this article by Babbie Mason. Don't you just love it when something that seems quite *random*, such as an unplanned online rabbit trail, leads you to something you *know* God put there just for you at that moment?

Babbie Mason has been one of my favorite singer/songwriters since college. Not only does she have an incredible voice...an alto's dream voice :)...but her lyrics are so often the perfect mix between exactly what I am feeling, and exactly what I need to hear.

The article's theme is one most of us have heard before...an analogy between faith and flying, describing the "spiritual vertigo" that can occur when we allow feelings to push their way past the truth of the Word . And once again, Babbie hit me right where I am this very moment.

This weekend has been "hugely" emotional for me. Actually, the emotions began to hit full force Wednesday...particularly with some conversations that were encouraging, but very, very intense emotionally. Thursday was a really *up* day. God knew I needed an oasis of laughter and "girl talk" and encouragement, and He provided it abundantly Thursday night. Friday started out rough, but ended on an incredible mountaintop seeing agonizing long-term prayers being answered in amazing ways. But like OT stories of the children of Israel, I went straight from witnessing the awesome power of God to falling flat on my face, a mere 24 hours later. Saturday night found me crashing in a swirling sea of doubt and despair.

As I read this article, I felt like the author had been eavesdropping on my heart. She says,

"Has this ever happened to you? One moment you believe God for the impossible. The next, you are drowning in a sea of doubt, controlled by your feelings."

That's been the constant cycle of my life for the past 25 months. As has this:

"How many times have you been in a valley of decision where your faith was telling you to do one thing and your feelings were telling you to do another?"

How about 2 years straight and counting?

Through that time, we have been living the truth of these words as well:

"If we are disobedient, our actions will cause reactions. First our disobedience will affect us. Then it will affect those who are closest to us, our family and other loved ones.
Sin has a ripple effect. Before long, one act of disobedience can affect countless lives."

So many times recently, I have reminded my children, "Don't ever believe that some sin is okay because 'it isn't affecting anyone but me...what I do in my own private life is no one else's business.' It does, and it is. One "tiny little personal (bad) decision" can ruin not only *your* life, but the lives of everyone around you."

This is so true:

"We don't live in a perfect world. Far from it. Sometimes things won't go as you think they should. That is when trusting in God's sovereignty is essential."

And I love this:

"A very wise woman once told me, 'When you can't feel God with your feelings, feel Him with your faith.' "

Songs like "Trust His Heart" are wonderful reminders to do that very thing. Oh, and the story behind the song I was looking for? I didn't find a lot of particulars, but I loved what I did find. Over the past few years, I have developed a real appreciation for the writing/preaching of Charles Spurgeon. I actually checked out a biography of him at the library this week. This is what Babbie says about her inspiration for the song "Trust His Heart":

"Charles H. Spurgeon, a great author and theologian of the church, once wrote some words that inspired me to compose a song titled 'Trust His Heart.' I think his words say it best: 'God is too wise to be mistaken. God is too good to be unkind. And when you can't trace His hand, trust His heart.' "

How neat to discover that one of my favorite songs was inspired by a quote from one of my favorite great preachers! And what a blessing to be reminded of these thoughts right now as I am trying once again to move back from the shaky ground of "feelings" to the firm foundation of "faith".

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t marie said...

Beautiful words that are just as relevent to me right now. Thank you.