We were in the van this morning taking Billy to work, and the girls were discussing an adult friend who is going back to college. I asked Bayley what she was going back to school to do, to which she answered "I don't know." Emlyn immediately piped up with, "Homework!"


Billy then reminded us of the time when Emlyn was *very* small, back when Bro. Phil was still our pastor, and he said, during a sermon, "God will deliver us..." Without missing a beat, Emlyn added (and not especially quietly...:-*)) "Pizza??"

That brought to mind our conversation last night. Our children are very proud of their Italian heritage (through my no-doubt-about-it Italian mother-in-law :)). I realized last night that perhaps Billy's told a few too many "mob" stories, though. We were talking about going out to lunch today with Kathy, Kaitlyn, and Joshua, for our "end-of-summer celebration". Em, the shyest and quietest of my children, put her hands on her hips, stuck out her chin, and said, "Well, I'll tell you this right now: If Joshie kisses me tomorrow, I'm going to take out his *whole* family!"

Ack! :-O Guess I need to warn Kathy about that one. ;-) (And yes, there is a history there!)

Never a dull moment!


t marie said...

Love that girl... she's after my own heart (except the shyness).

Kecia said...

"...the most important factor in our school year is not the curriculum we use, the organization of our school room, or even the lesson planning that I do...it is the daily preparation of my heart and the minute-by-minute dependence on God for the love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control that will enable me to be the wife, mom, teacher, and person God wants me to be, so that I can nurture and train my children as He would have me to." WOW! Can I use that as my homeschooling mission statement? I constantly have to remind myself to teach the children, not the curriculum. Thanks for the pep talk!