Simple Pleasures

A message board I'm part of is starting a new weekly blog meme. This week's theme is "Simple Pleasures." Here are my ten, in no particular order:

1. Watching my children create. Their creativity is amazing to me. It is especially neat to me now that my ten year old actually realizes the joy in being creative. Not only does he enjoy the creating process, but it means something to him that he is *being* creative. What fun to get to be part of that!

2. Little girls' hair. I always dreamed of having little girls and doing all sorts of things with their hair, and now I have three! Sometimes life is so crazy we don't have much time to curl and braid and try new styles, but I'm trying to make more time to do that lately. Our time to do that will run out all too soon, and I want to savor it while I can.

3. A new stack of library books. There is nothing like a fresh stack of free books waiting to be explored.

4. Hymns. Old, much-loved favorites. New hymns like the ones I love by Stuart Townend and Keith Getty. Old hymns that take on new meaning because we've lived their truth now. All are treasures.

5. Family stories. I love family stories, whether they are silly anecdotes about our children this morning, or family lore passed down through generations. There is something comforting about the stories we pass on from generation to generation.

6. Laughter. Laughing at my husband's crazy sense of humor. Laughing *with* my husband at something our silly children said or did. Laughing with my children about anything and everything. Laughing with a friend over something no one else would even think is funny.

7. A compliment from my husband. There is nothing that makes my day more than a genuine compliment from my sweet husband.

8. Cards and letters. I love cards and letters. Billy is the *best* at bringing (and sometimes even mailing) just the right card at just the right time. My stash of special cards and letters from family and friends is one of my most treasured possessions.

9. Paper and Pens. One of the things I inherited from my mother and her mother is a love of paper and pens. I love to sit down with a fresh Sharpie or package of colored pens or pencils and a new notebook.

10. Hugs. From my hubby, my children, or a good friend...a sure way to cheer me up on a grumpy day. :)

What are your simple pleasures?


jenn said...

LOVE your list, jen.
thanks so much for playing!

Michele said...

I LOVE fresh paper! I'm a stationary nut. If it's pretty paper, I'll write someone a note on it! Great list!

mom2rebels said...

Great list, thanks for adding all the detail! This is a neat way to get to know each other better...

t marie said...

I identify with so much on your list (except being a wife and mother LOL). I LOVE being creative, family stories, friend stories (and you know we have a few), hugs, pens, papers, and other assorted office do-dads, and LAUGHTER!

And I love you Jef! Thanks for sharing your list!

Rachel R. said...

I can identify with most of your list. Great paper. :) Library books!

kel said...

Great list!

Anonymous said...

OH! That's right, PAPER and PENS! The smell of statinary stuff makes me think of fall and starting school!
And a stack of books! What about a stack of old books? the way they smell! Apparently I have a smell issue:0).
Great list!