"Be careful what you pray for..."

Last year when my mom broke her arm, I remember walking down the hall at her house thinking that I was the tiredest I had ever been in my entire life. Tireder than when Ammah Grace was in NICU in Little Rock (which was the tiredest I had ever been to *that* point), tireder than I had been the last three months before Daddy died (which was tireder than I had been when Ammah Grace was in the hospital). But something about the days after my mom broke her arm made me even tireder than either of those times.

This year was not as physically demanding, but it was still extremely exhausting. I know that part of that was that just like last year (when we went into things worn out from Papa's fall and surgery), I started out this experience worn out. We had gone straight from the Growing Kids Sale into the test, and I had struggled with insomnia the two nights before Mother's fall.

Somehow last week I just never could seem to get my steam back...I kept trying, but it wasn't working. So I began to pray for rest...that we would somehow get rested from the exhaustion we were *all* experiencing.

Next time I will be more specific.

I really didn't *mean* I wanted the house to be invaded by the stomach virus. Nope..that wasn't at *all* what I had in mind. But rest we have...well, once we got through the night that Emlyn kept Billy and I up all night sick, and the night that Billy and I were up sick all night ourselves.

It completely knocked us off our feet. We have *all* laid around doing absolutely nothing but sleeping and occasionally watching parts of a movie in between catnaps. I woke up this morning and realized that I had been lying on the sofa for over 36 hours. And suddenly thought..."well, you prayed for rest..."

I'm still not feeling exactly refreshed. And I've got to hit the laundry and dishes (neither of which have been touched since late Thursday) pretty hard today. But hopefully we'll have an easy weekend (well, if Bayley doesn't come down with the bug today...she's the only one who hasn't had it), and we will all be ready to go by Monday.

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