Random Insomniac Thoughts

Ugh. Once again, my body clock has reset itself to awaken at 4 a.m. Hopefully this round will only last a few days, and not weeks. Meanwhile, I've been browsing around online trying to make myself sleepy again...which isn't, by the way, working. So, I thought I'd sneak in a blog post. :-) Given that it *is* 5 a.m., I hope you aren't expecting great words of wisdom or wonderful wit...I'm only up to a few random ramblings. :-D

1. First and foremost, "Happy Birthday" to my friend Tauna's gentle giant of a daddy, Mr. Woody. You can pop over to her blog to get to know him a bit (and see a wonderful picture :)), and send him birthday wishes. I wish I could give him a hug in person today. We have a special, if sometimes goofy, relationship, and I miss him and Mrs. Bettye, and Mary and her gang, and Matt-man terribly.

2. I'm in a baking mood. Nothing especially extraordinary about that, except that I *haven't* been in a baking mood in a while, and now that I'm finally back there, (a) my kitchen is in the midst of reorganization and I'm barely able to make pb and j in there, and (b) I'm almost out of eggs. This is made even more frustrating by the fact that I *went* to the store last night at 8:30 and I *thought* about buying eggs, but for various reasons decided to wait until my *real* shopping trip tomorrow to do so. *Sigh* Now I have enough eggs to bake *one* recipe and by the time I make up my mind what that should be, I will probably be out of my baking mood. ;-)

3. We have a transient guest at our house right now..."Flash" the turtle. This came as quite a surprise to my friend Kathy last night when one of my children asked for prayer for "our new turtle" in children's choir. I'm not sure exactly what we were supposed to pray for for Flash, but news of his (or her, as the case might be) existence definitely started Kathy a bit. I forgot to mention that little tidbit in any of our several phone and IM conversations this week. I suppose that is an indicator of the state of my life these days...a resident turtle is pretty low on my list at the moment. :) Sorry Kathy! ;-)

I plan to take (and post) pictures later today. The kids have made him a pretty cool little habitat, and Peter has actually done some impressive independent research on turtles, which he did a great job of presenting during school yesterday. Unfortunately, Flash will have to be returned to his hedgy home soon, but in the meantime, he (or she) has been a source of great enjoyment and education. :)

4. I missed choir practice last night. Well, technically I didn't *totally* miss it. I sat down in my chair and pulled my music out of my packet just in time for Lyndel to say "Let's pray". ;-) What I had thought would be a very short conversation with Bro. Kent ended up being not-so-short. :-) I'm actually thankful for that...but somehow the week just isn't quite the same when I miss choir, and thanks to the stomach bug last week this is two weeks in a row I have missed. That hour is like an oasis in my week (even when Kathy and I are convinced at times that Lyndel is trying to kill us :-D) and when I miss, I *really* miss it.

5. I'm finally starting to get sleepy again. Of course, it is now 12 minutes until I have to get Billy up to get ready for work...so not much point in going back to bed now. Hopefully I'll be back with another post or two later today. Meanwhile, I'm going to try to wake myself up a bit until I get Billy up, and then I think I'll try to catch a quick nap while he is walking.


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t marie said...

I called my daddy (and mama) and read your sweet words to them from both our blogs. Oh course my mom said to return the hug. Then my daddy said to tell you that he loves you. Then he told me what a sweet girl you were.

I think so too.