Complete Disgust

We had picked Billy up at work this afternoon and were discussing what we were going to have for dinner. Bayley asked, "And what about dessert?" I answered that we weren't having dessert tonight. With a tone of complete and utter disgust, in her best *Italian Outburst* manner, she exclaimed, "And WHAT is the purpose of having FOOD without DESSERT??" She is the true great-grandchild of her namesake, and Granny Kitty would have been quite proud. Wind and Smile

Which reminded me of *Peter's* expression of total disgust the other night. We were at Mamoe's Thanksgiving evening after dinner, and I had been going through the Black Friday ads. The kids and I had been talking about Black Friday earlier in the week, discussing what it was and why it was called that. Peter asked if he could look at the Michaels' ad when I finished. I handed it to him, and he said, "I want to see if they have pipe cleaners on sale." (He and his friends make *men* with them and have armies and such.) I said, "No...no pipe cleaners in the sale ad." He threw down the ad as he heaved a huge sigh and said, "Well, SO MUCH for Black Friday!" We all dissolved into laughter, thinking of all the people who were going to be camping out all night and standing in line for hours for the *best deals of the year*...but for Peter, it was all completely worthless if the 67 cent packages of pipe cleaners weren't on sale. Wind and Smile

What a bunch of characters....Giggle 4

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kel said...

Haha on the pipe cleaners, my kids would probably agree I often take packages with us on car trips because they can make so many things with them.