Ammah Grace fell and bumped her head on the coffee table yesterday. (No blood or stitches this time....thank goodness!)

Conversation in the kitchen this morning:

(We were discussing her head and the ice pack Daddy brought home from work last night for her.)

Ammah Grace: Why Daddy bring me dat ice pack? From the hospital?

Momma: Because he loves you and he was sorry you hurt your head.

Ammah Grace: Oh.

Ammah Grace: Momma? Daddy da beesssssssss Daddy in the *WHOLE WIIIIDDDE WORLD*.

Definitely. Yes

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JacciM said...

Awww, don't they just melt your heart sometimes?

Thanks so much for coming by my blog. I'm so glad you were encouraged by my potty post ;) Little by little, girl. We'll get there!

By the way, I'm guessing you are south of the Mason-Dixon line. Two names for one child and ribbons in everyone's hair. Am I right??? I lived in KY and VA for almost 10 years. My 2nd born has two first names (Grace is one of them!) and my girls nearly always have bows or ribbons ;)