Happy Birthday!

The big day has finally arrived! Double digits at last!! We aren't finished with birthday festivities, as his party isn't until *next* weekend, but he's had a great birthday so far. He shopped with Mamoe yesterday, and spent the night with her last night. This morning he came home and got to open one gift (the others had to wait until dad got home from working.) He has wanted a parrot for over a year...he is really excited about this one!

The girls and I had fun decorating our "end-roll newsprint" wrapping paper this morning. We didn't get quite as creative as I had planned, as our time was cut short by Bayley leaving for the TeddyBear Christmas Tea with Mamoe (pics to come from that in a bit pics posted here).

Of all the fun things that we did today, I think the *most* fun of all was when Peter and Gracie popped the packaging from one his gifts. :-D (He was picking her up high and bouncing her down to pop the big inflated plastic pieces...great fun for both!)
We don't do a lot of electronic/video games, but he had really gotten excited about this plug and play hunting game. I knew he and Billy would both enjoy it, and I got a *really* good Black Friday deal on it. ;-) He was quite surprised!
Did you know that if you join the Birthday Club at ToysRUs, they will send you a $3off coupon card in the mail? And when you go in to spend it, they give you a birthday crown, a balloon, and announce your birthday over the loudspeaker. :-D Not exactly what Peter had in mind (after all, he turned down lunch and a free dessert at the Lone Star because he was worried about being embarrassed when they sang Happy Birthday to him ;-)), but he was a good sport about it...
...until reality set in. He found the biggest bag he could find to hide behind. :-D
All-in-all, a very happy *10* day.

Watch for party pics next week! :-D

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