Friday night we went to my friend Kathy's house for what has become one of my favorite parts of the Christmas season the past few years...good friends, yummy food, and a time to stop for a few hours in the midst of the holiday hustle and relax and laugh and eat until we are all ill. ;-) The kids all tear around like banshees having a marvelous time (not to mention keeping the rest of us in stitches). Kathy always puts together an amazing array of food...her shrimp cheeseball has become a tradition and is one of my *all-time* favorite things to eat in the whole entire world. This year the award for the best *new* recipe went to Kathy's version of Pioneer Woman's Spicy Shrimp. Yummmm. There are not even words to describe how good it was.

I had been waiting for the perfect opportunity to make Pioneer Woman's Olive Cheese Bread ever since I first saw the recipe. For those who have seen the wonderful reviews but not tried it yet, let me just tell you...YES. It IS as good as they say it is. The one thing I *don't* agree with...her assessment of this as "Chick Food". The guys out-ate the girls on this stuff hands-down. :-D HOWEVER....I must add this...the olive-cheese mixture is actually even better *before* it is cooked than it is cooked. Absolutely delicious. Next time I'm making it as a cheese ball and serving it with crackers. (Or a spoon. Depending on if I share. ;-))

Btw...I think my olive-cheese bread picture ended up sideways. Can you tell I am way behind on blog posts and trying frantically to get a couple in before we head to church?!


kel said...

Oh that does look good.
Hope you guys had a great Christmas.

CresceNet said...
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