Happy Birthday...to me...

39 years ago today, my dad was celebrating more than the Hogs' win in the Sugar Bowl. My arrival had been expected *much* earlier in December, and when the 31st came without a tax deduction baby in hand, he began to sweat a bit. However, being the always-compliant child that I was, I arrived with just over 6 hours to spare to secure that 1968 deduction, earning my father's favor forever, and allowing him and my grandmother to enjoy the New Year's Day bowl game in between her arrival at the airport and visits to the hospital to see yours truly. ;-) (And no doubt relieving my poor mother of the fear by that time that she was going to be pregnant *forever*.)

Yesterday was a fairly quiet birthday (other than all the "Happy Birthday" songs in person and by phone, some of which were louder than others. :)) We puttered at home for a while (and my dear husband did some loving acts of (housecleaning) service for me for my birthday without being asked!), then went to run a few quick errands and spend some time at my mom's having a "birthday tea" and working on her computer. I was actually looking forward to a quiet day after all the hubbub lately, especially since there are plans afoot for a couple of belated birthday celebrations this coming weekend. (I can't wait! :-D)

As those who know me well will attest, I have always said my place in life is *behind* the camera, not in front of it. But...I have realized recently that someday my children *are* going to wish there were a *few* pictures of their mother in existence (after her 14th birthday), so I decided to get Billy and Bayley to take a couple in honor of my birthday. Not the best pictures of the kids and I...Billy does *not* like to take pictures, and Ammah Grace was not cooperating, so we are missing a child...but they are a start, and I hope to get a few more this weekend.

Fortunately, I got over most of my angst at turning 39 when *Billy* turned 39 a few weeks ago...I like the fact that he always hits those birthdays first so that by the time mine actually gets here, I've gotten that all out of my system. Now I can focus on setting and meeting any "what I want to do before I'm 40" goals this year!

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Joyful Days said...

Jennifer!! It is great to see photos of you. Happy belated birthday! You are my sister's age. If it's any consolation...I'm older. :)

Blessings for 39!!