Well, I had *planned* to catch up on some blog posts this afternoon (more on that in a sec), but instead I've been taking a walk down memory lane this afternoon and feeling *very* old. There is nothing for making you feel that way like seeing photos of someone you babysat as a preschooler now competing in the Miss America pageant! In the process of checking to see how Miss Arkansas Katie Bailey is faring in the prelims, I ran across an old friend's blog, with pictures of lots of *other* old friends at the pageant, which led to google searching for some *other* old friends...and so on. :)

So...my list of long overdue blog posts will have to wait until later tonight or tomorrow. But I promise they are coming!! Billy was fussing the other night that "your blog is getting boring with no new posts" (he peeks in from work :)). So on Wednesday I dutifully typed up a post to catch up a bit...and somehow Blogger ate it before it was saved. :-( Grrr....

But for now...laundry awaits (and it might be nice if I figured out something to eat for supper, too...;-))

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Joyful Days said...

There you are! I was wondering too. Type in Word, then copy & paste and even if Blogger eats it you will have the text.

You can tackle MY laundry too, after you let me in on what's for supper. :0) LOL!