St. Paul {Guy Penrod} Weekend, Part 6 ~ More Concert!

Finally!!  I know...it's been forever. And I apologize to those who have been waiting quite patiently. There are, if I have things figured correctly, three additional posts in this series after this one.  I'm hoping to be more timely with them. No promises, though...I know myself, and my life, too well. I'm really trying to make some changes on the blog right now, which include posting more frequently and more regularly...even trying to get on a...*gasp*...blogging schedule. (If it happens, it won't be a rigid schedule, by any means. My brain and my life just don't work that way. I'm just hoping for *better* at this point!)

One of the {many} posts I have planned for the near (relatively speaking) future involves explaining a bit about my blogging process and WHY some of these posts (like this concert series!) take so long from original thought to actually hitting publish. There are reasons...which may not make a whole lot of sense to anyone other than those closest to me, but reasons nonetheless. :)

ANYWAY...without further ado, here is Part 6 of the St. Paul {Guy Penrod} weekend, which happens to be Part 2 of the concert itself. :)

As I've said in past posts (St. Paul {Guy Penrod} Weekend, Part 5 and Guy Penrod,), Guy's concerts are not just concerts...they are worship experiences.  I mentioned in my post about last year's Guy Penrod concert in Lavaca that I'd never taken notes at a concert before...but I took more in St. Paul.  Here are a few:

"I had some stuff I had to get out and it had to come out or blow up! (Loved this remark about part of the reason he went solo in 2009...so that he would have more freedom to share what God had laid on his heart. This is so much how I feel about many of my blog posts...!)

"Take the opportunity to tell your story every chance you get...and see what He does!" (Speaking of the "story" God has given each of us and how God uses that story for His glory and our good...)

"You get gifts and then you hone them and then you do wild things for the Lord."

"That'll light your fire even when your wood's wet!"  (Such a "Guy" expression! :))

"The Devil goes 'Ugabooga!' and he's always trying to scare us!"

"What's the Devil got to scare us with...Heaven??" (quoting Mark Lowry)

"The Devil doesn't even care enough about you to hurt you...the only reason he does is because we are loved by God and he hates God!"

"All science does is trail along behind truth...way behind truth!  We are the handiwork of God almighty."

Guy's guitarists...Jonathan Crone (on the right) and Jason Ahlbrandt..are fabulous.  I was so excited to have a chance to visit with Jason for a bit after the concert and get his autograph...I told him I follow his wife's blog (My Mid-Century Modern Life) and he seemed genuinely excited that I was a "fan". :)  (Her blog really is fun...check it out!)

One of Guy's long-time supporters said, "Not only is he [Guy] very 'real', but he surrounds himself with very 'real' people." One of those "real" people is Guy's road manager and "brother from another mother," Keith Ellerd.  Here Guy and Keith are about to draw for giveaways.

One of the give-away winners.  Guy was asking his advice for lasting marriage.  I can't remember how long he'd been married, or what he said...but I remember the whole exchange was quite fun. :)  Maybe one of my fellow concert attendees with a better memory will add to this story in the comments. (Hint. Hint. :-D)

One thing is for sure, "I can't do it!" Jesus Christ "did do it." He walked a sinless, perfectly balanced, perfectly managed, perfectly loving -- simply put -- "PERFECTLY lived" life. By accepting His sacrifice on the cross for my sin and committing to His Lordship in my life, I, too, can "do all things" through Christ who strengthens me. ~ Guy Penrod

"[My] ultimate goal as a minister? I don’t know that I could quantify it other than to say, “I want to burn out lifting up the name of Jesus and His ways with my very last breath." ~ Guy Penrod

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