Journaling {Everything} ~ The Intro

Mary DeMuth has long been one of my favorite authors, and I was beyond thrilled to be selected as part of the launch team for her soon-to-be-released book Everything.  

This book is packed with things I want to remember and come back to often.  I'm reading it on my Kindle, and while I LOVE my Kindle (both my Kindle Keyboard and the Kindle app on my tablet), this is the type of book I just really want to be able to take a pen...actually, several different colored pens...to.   So...I've decided to take colored pens (and pencils!) to it in a little bit different way. :)

Today is the beginning of a new project here at Ponderings of an Elect Exile:  Journaling {Everything}...Art Journaling Through Mary DeMuth's Everything

I'll be sharing my journal pages here, along with additional favorite quotes from the book.

I'm not even going to try to keep a set schedule for these posts...I'd love to do them daily, but I already know that won't happen. :)  So...if you want to make sure you don't miss any...take a minute to subscribe by email via the box to the right, or follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.  (And if you're on Pinterest...pin away using the handy "Pin It!" button below!)

One disclaimer...I'm a papercrafter, not an artist. I don't draw well!  And my lettering skills from days gone by have gotten pretty rusty.  My current art journaling definitely reflects all that!  But just think...those of you who follow from beginning to end may actually get to see some improvement. :)

Journaling {Everything} ~ The Intro

"God wants to grow us up, to bring us to new vistas and promised lands aplenty. He created us for adventure, not ease. Instead of obeying in the moment and experiencing powerful spiritual growth, we wander around in circles chasing ease, trusting in ourselves to solve our problems, living a Godless life. We arrive forty years later, looking back, and wonder why in the world we didn’t grow and why God seems terribly distant."

"[People] either hoard their 'everything' as a means to coddle and
control their lives, or they joyfully relinquish everything to Jesus. And
when that second group gives up everything, they gain Jesus, who is
our everything."

"If we are near to Jesus’ mind and heartbeat,we will naturally act like Him. That’s not a simple, catchy formula. • What we think about God matters.
• How we allow Him to reign in our hearts matters.
• How we obey Him in the moment matters.
This book follows those three truths. We start with our heads, what we think about God. We’ll move to our hearts, the place Jesus wants to revolutionize, to become our everything. And we’ll end with our hands, how we live out Jesus’ internal transformation.
Head. Heart. Hands. Giving every part of our lives—everything—to Jesus."

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