St. Paul {Guy Penrod} Weekend, Part 5...The Concert!!

Concert day finally arrived!  We had a leisurely morning and then left the hotel for an early lunch and a few errands before the concert.  More on those errands in another post. :)  (And more concert photos and memories in the next installment...too many photos for one post!)  But for now...the main event!

There's a recurring theme heard from attendees of Guy's solo concerts: "Guy's concerts are more than just concerts.  Guy's concerts are worship experiences."   Not only does he sing, he does a fair amount of "preaching", too...which is, according to Guy, a big part of why he left the Gaither Vocal Band to go solo: to be able to share the message God has given him in song and in spoken word in a way that is more difficult singing with a group.  "I had some stuff I had to get out, and it had to come out or blow up!"  (I love that thought...it's how I often feel about this blog.)

He comes by the preaching honestly...his daddy was a Baptist preacher.  He says this about him:

My father passed down to me a love for people. He was a pastor -- the real good kind -- who loved those in his congregation from the nursery to the grave and spent his life's energy caring for them every way he could. I am very thankful to have had a father who knew and passed on to me the importance of people and their lives -- their stories. (Baptist Press, June 2010)

Our friend Heidi, the promoter for the St. Paul concert, said this recently:

 I'm finding a common theme as I go to Guy's concerts.  Someone says, at some point, "Isn't it great to go to a concert and feel like you've been to church?"  No one can understand until they've experienced the "singing/preaching/worshiping in person."....Like I say, no one understands why we appreciate Guy's ministry so much until they've been, and then -- then they get it.

So true!

So very thankful for the ministry of this man who glorifies God through his music, his message, and his genuine love for people.  

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