Saturday Odds-and-Ends

1- I left a few things out of Monday's post on our new adventure.  They were part of my mental outline, but never made it from my brain to the keyboard.  That's a pretty common occurrence, unfortunately. :)

First...we are so incredibly thankful for our Oak Cliff family.  You all have truly been family to us for over 16 years, and we love you!   I was going to say more here, about Bro. Kent, Lyndel, and other specific blessings, but suddenly I find I just can't...my heart is too full, and I'm not going to be able to type if the tears start gushing.  So just know that we love you, and God has blessed us immeasurably through you all.

Second...we are so incredibly thankful for our {soon-to-be} Grace Lavaca family.  You have made us feel loved and welcome and part of things already, and we love you! Bro. Gary's already blessing me one minute and stepping on my toes the next with his preaching/teaching.  So looking forward to our first full Sunday there as a family tomorrow!

And third...for those who've asked...we won't be total strangers at Oak Cliff...I'll be bringing the kids on Wednesday nights for a while, which we think will help with the transition, and Bay and I may even sing in Keyboards at Christmas. :)  And the girls and I are definitely planning to keep coming to craft night (aka OCBCGPFC :)).

2- I know I missed yesterday's Oven-Free Friday post, and I apologize.  I actually had a post planned based on a meal I cooked earlier in the week, but then I completely forgot to get pictures until it was too late.  And what is a recipe post without pictures??  I had already planned (at the request of my family) to cook the same recipe today, so I am going to do my VERY best to manage to get a picture or two before my family devours it.  That may be a challenge...it's in the crock pot right now and the house smells so good we're all pretty anxious for supper time to arrive. :)  So...watch for Oven-Free Friday on...well, some other day. ;-)

3-  I'm hoping to finish the next installment of the St. Paul/Guy Penrod series tonight or tomorrow.  I had planned to post it earlier in the week and then realized that I still had pictures to edit.  ACKK.   I've worked on those here and there all week, and I think I finally have them finished and ready to post.  So keep an eye peeled...:)

4- Just because every post needs pictures, and I haven't posted any squirrel photos in a while...these little guys always amaze me!

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t marie said...

Love your odds and ends! And yes, pictures are always appreciated.