Mega Memory Month Update

Note on this post...I typed this last night (Monday)...so proud of myself that I was getting it done on time. Then I realized that MMM reports are now on *Tuesday*. ;-) So, I saved the draft and thought "I'll edit tomorrow and post it then." Then I completely forgot about it until just this moment...10:30 p.m. :) Now I'm too tired to edit/update...so you're getting Monday's report instead. :-D Someday I'll get my act together...maybe!

"Better late than never." I guess that would apply here. It is the 13th day of July and we actually started working on our July MMM passage this morning. Eek! We have a long way to go in the next 18 days!

This morning everyone got a new Mega Memory Month folder, with a copy of 1 Cor. 13 in the ESV. We read through the chapter and discussed vocabulary words and the meaning of the verses. We will do this more in depth as we go along; today was an overview. We also started learning verse 1.

Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have the cassette recording made, and at least one other activity ready. Guess I need to pull out the books and decide what that will be.

The children *really* don't want to sign this chapter. I'm still undecided, but I'm leaning toward not. The signing was fun in the beginning, but has somehow become drudgery along the way...and I don't want to take the joy out of memory work for them. (They really do enjoy it! :))
We'll probably sign again someday...but I'm thinking we'll probably take a break this time.

Not much to report, but at least we are started! Given the past few weeks, that is an accomplishment. :)

For more on Mega Memory Month, visit Ann Kroeker.


Anonymous said...

I just put your link up there by hand. Someone else on Twitter said that Mr. Linky wasn't working--so sorry for the technical problem.

Hope your kids find a fun way to memorize, or go ahead and try the signing. I do think that's a fabulous way to memorize anything, involving another learning style.

I went on a jog today, and forgot my paper printout of the passages! So I couldn't check that I was reciting correctly, and I have a problem spot in Psalm 121.

Tomorrow, if I go, I'll try to get that section and also grab the new one, Psalm 145, and see how far I get.

Anonymous said...

p.s. So sorry I threw a curve ball at you and posted on Tuesdays this time around. Next time, I'll just have two carnivals on Mondays overlapping for that one month. I sure don't make things simple, do I?

Jennifer said...

Not a problem at all!! After I did it, I remembered reading that they would be Tuesdays this time...which made sense, with MDM on Monday. My brain is just *very* slow these days!