Life Lesson of the Day...

This is my phone. Nothing fancy; I've had it for years and am just thankful every day that it still works. I know that newer phones do lots of exciting things like texting, video, music downloads, even web access...but mine functions just fine for the two purposes for which I use it...talking on the phone, and waking me up in the morning.

Yesterday we went to the library with friends to watch The Tale of Despereaux. (*Very* cute movie, btw. :)) Being the socially responsible (ha!) and super-considerate person that I am, I turned my phone to "vibrate" and stuck it back in my pocket.

Last night I was sitting at my desk, with my phone on a stack of books beside me, when it began to make an odd sound and move of its own volition. I waited for it to ring, and then realized it wasn't going to. I answered the phone and said to my friend, "I still haven't taken my phone off silent; remind me to do that when we finish talking." Unfortunately, before we reached that point, my battery died. And then I had trouble getting my phone to come back on. And then I charged it until I went to bed. And then I stood beside my bed and set the alarm very carefully for this morning.

And then Billy woke up and woke me up and said, "It's past 5:30." And I looked at my phone and sure enough, it was 6:40.

And I tried and tried to figure out what happened, because I KNEW I set my alarm and triple-checked it to make sure it was set correctly for Billy to get up.

And then at 7:30 this morning, I was sitting at my desk when I suddenly realized...


Life Lesson of the Day:

The alarm works better if you take the phone off silent.

Life works better when you don't oversleep.

Especially two days in a row.


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t marie said...

I use my cell phone as my alarm too. However, my alarm will go off even if my phone is on silent. I found out by accident and was so thankful that someone thought about that engineering aspect.