It's the Little Things

Sometimes I'm just way too easily excited, I suppose, especially at the end of a long, hard, day. Our family has a bit of a quirky collective palate at times, and one example of that is that we *love* Burger King's Zesty Onion Ring Sauce. Now...we don't eat BK's onion rings (well, at least not often), and most of us aren't even great fans of BK's fries. But there are times when we will go to Burger King just because we are craving this:

Last night Em was talking about how much she likes "that special sauce from Burger King", and I thought, not for the first time, that I wish they would bottle and sell the stuff. I can think of all kinds of uses for it in our kitchen. :-) Then I had a brainstorm...there are copycat recipes for almost everything online these days, so why not BK's Zesty Sauce?

A google search brought up this link. I am far more excited than I should be about a recipe involving horseradish. ;-) I can't wait to hit the store tonight and add that and some cayenne pepper to the larder so that we can try this this weekend. If it really *does* taste like the real thing, I'm going to have some very excited children!

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Between the Trees said...

Hey Jennifer!

I gotta tell ya...it's always great to know someone understands "veggetablelessness"!!! :) But this sauce business is pretty gross!!LOL