T asked about the band-aid on Em's nose in some recent photos...I guess I've been too traumatized to actually tell that story here. ;-D Let's just say for bloggy purposes (lest Jodie and I are not the only ones around who don't handle gore well!) that she had a very unfortunate (and accidental) experience with a wagon (driven by a 5th grade boy at church) and a brick wall. She had quite a *shiner* for a while, and will probably always have a scar on her nose. But it could have been much worse, and I am thankful that all is *finally* about healed.

My friend Amanda took this picture of Emlyn at her daughter's birthday party. She is a great photographer, and just captured Em's personality perfectly in this shot, band aid and all! I've had it blown up and cropped and I'm planning a piece of photo art with it for the living room. :-)

Isn't she adorable?


Joyful Days said...

She is adorable. So sorry she had an accident. I guess they come with the territory of children. It is so hard to be the Mom.

Love the new blog-look!!



t marie said...

She is BEAUTIFUL! I wish I could be there to kiss her nose. (I always kissed my kiddos on the nose when they were younger.)