Catching Up :-)

Billy walked by earlier and said, "You need to update your blog." When it comes to that, I know it *really* needs to be updated! So...I'm going to try to oblige him. I have more than one post worth of *updating* to do, as well as some much-needed work on my sidebar. Keep an eye peeled for more changes soon!

The past few weeks have been a bit of a blur. The early part of May was spent working on decor for a friend's daughter's homeschool graduation reception and recital. When I am in the midst of a project like that, I become rather *focused* on the task at hand. Translation: My family eats lots of *easy* food and puts up with literal *scraps and snippets* of cardstock, paper, and ribbon all over the place. :-D My wonderful husband did a lot of dishes and laundry...without being asked. The reception was beautiful, and the recital was superb...H's talent at the piano is incredible, although not surprising, given the long hours of practice she has put in for years. And I enjoyed immensely getting to bury myself in a big creative project...it's been a while since I've done that, and this one was especially fun.

When we were planning the date of this event, we checked all kinds of calendars to make sure that it would not conflict with any other major events in the area. Graduations, proms, church functions, we checked them all. We missed one tiny little scheduled activity, though...the Fort Smith Air Show. The Air Show is always a huge landmark on our calendar, and how I missed the fact that it was coming, I do *NOT* know. But I did. And guess what?? You guessed it. It was the same weekend as we had scheduled the recital/reception.

I am happy to say that we actually managed both, although I am *still* recuperating from all the fun! My friend and I worked non-stop the week before on reception stuff, my family and I went to the Air Show on Saturday morning, and then I headed back to church to finish setting up. The Air Show was a bit disappointing this year. Our favorite part is always the static displays. We love the old planes, the military planes, the helicopters...you name it....and this year's show was really short on statics. However, we had a great time anyway, and were thrilled to be leaving just as most of the crowd was arriving!

Ammah Grace especially loved riding around in her stroller. I didn't know what her reaction would be to that...she hasn't ridden in her stroller in probably close to two years. But she stayed in it the *entire* three hours we were there, and asked if she could ride in it to church on Sunday! :-D What a mess.
Stay tuned for Update, part 2, tomorrow....:-)


Joyful Days said...

There you are! I was starting to wonder. Beautiful graduation things! The air show looks fun.

Hope you get some R&R soon.



kel said...

I was wondering too, I had checked a few times and started thinking should I drop an email and make sure everything is okay. Looks like lots of fun. Love the new header on the blog.

t marie said...

Why the bandage on Em's nose?