Thankful Thoughts

I *really* need to be thinking thankful thoughts right now. Mostly because I *really* don't feel like it. I'm mad. The Mama Bear in me has been stirred again...one of my children is hurting deeply because of the misdeeds of others and I want so badly to lash out...I guess it is fortunate that I couldn't talk to the culprit right now if I wanted to. And not only that...but it is taking everything inside of me not to throw myself a great big giant pity party right now. Our family has been through a very painful season, and I am tired. Tired of my children hurting. Tired of seeing my husband burdened with the load of trying to lead and protect his family through circumstances he should never have had to deal with. Tired of fighting tears.

So, right now, I am going to think of five things to be thankful for...more random thoughts of thankfulness:

1. I'm thankful for the work Billy, the kids, and I got done on the house this weekend. We still have a long way to go, but we made progress and I feel a sense of accomplishment in the little things.
2. I'm thankful for shoe bags! I had been looking all over for cheap over-the-door shoe bags for the kids...we had *no* shoe storage and I was tired of shoes all over the floor! (Not to mention lost shoes...ugh!) I had not been able to find the cheap plastic versions I was looking for...and then J. called and had found some on clearance at Sears...not the super-cheap ones, but good sturdy ones...for $3.80 apiece! They had four, which was exactly what we needed, so Saturday the kids all gathered *all* of their shoes and filled up thier shoe bags. Yay!! No more shoes in the floor...and they are actually excited about putting them up now!
3. I'm thankful for a good library, and access to good books. I've been reading several books on blogging/HTML, perusing a couple of new cookbooks. and having 5 minute vacations in a book from one of my favorite Christian fiction authors....all thanks to our library trips this week!
4. I'm thankful for clothes! I was really worried about having clothes for this spring and summer...and thanks to a friend cleaning out her closets and passing things on, I have a whole new wardrobe! It's nice to get ready for church and not have to worry about *what in the world am I going to wear?* !! :)
5. I'm thankful that everyone is finally asleep so I can go to bed! :)

I'm feeling better already...

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Joyful Days said...

Sorry you are going through a tough season. Praying for some relief and comfort and joy to bless you. Having a blog is kind of nice to be able to post what you might not be able to say IRL.

It's neat to see someone else talk about what they are grateful for. I like to try to do that too.