Becoming a Nerd...

Every time I start *playing* with some new techno-toy, Billy tells me I am becoming a *nerd*. I told him today that I guess he is right...I went to the library yesterday and checked out a stack of books on blogging and HTML. :-D I do pretty well with computer and internet basics...but I know *nothing* about HTML...and only what I have gleaned from cruising the blogs of others about blogging in general. But...I am determined to learn! Not only am I excited to have a place to share scraps and snippets of our lives, but I also told the kids that *they* could have their own blogs when I get this all figured out. They are *really* excited about that. I think that that will be a good experience for them in honing their language/writing skills *and* acquiring some computer skills as well.

I guess I need to add Blogging for Dummies, Creative HTML Design, and Blog On to the *On the Bookshelf* list, huh? ;-)

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