The Reading Nook

I have been intending to post a picture of our new *Reading Nook* ever since I posted about it in my WFMW post. Here it *finally* is. The size makes it a challenge to photograph...this picture is taken from the doorway of our bedroom; the opposite wall has a doorway leading into the living room. We still have work to do in here...I need to make new curtains for the front door, we are going to add a small bookcase just to the right of where I was standing, and I need to reposition the swag and the artwork above the loveseat (we used to have taller furniture in that spot :)). Billy also said we can be on the lookout for a good deal on a screen door. I decided after we got the loveseat moved in there that it would be really nice to have a screen door on the front door (directly across from the loveseat) so that on nice days we could have the door open and feel the breeze. I can't wait to get that done! :) I love our new cozy spot!

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Joyful Days said...

Loved your WFMW post and thank you for sharing the picture. I love the color blue your walls are too.