Our New (Well, not *exactly*...) Piano

Twenty-some-odd years ago, as a teenager, I bought a piano after inheriting some money from my great-aunt. The piano I originally bought was an antique Steinway square grand, which looked a little like this . I soon learned that while an antique Steinway square grand was a nice *thought*...this particular one (and from the reading I've done, most of them at this point :)) was great for looks but not practical for someone who actually wanted a piano to *play* seriously. :-) So...we traded it in for a much newer but not *new* Baldwin Acrosonic. My dad had worked for Baldwin at two different times in his career (I'll have to post more on that subject sometime...:)), so he helped me to find *just* the right piano...and I was attached to this one from the beginning.

When I moved away from home, my piano stayed behind. Recently, my mom decided to buy a piano a friend was selling, so that my piano could come *home*. I had started accompanying a children's choir at church and needed to be able to practice regularly (I hadn't in over ten years...ack!), and my children are ready to start learning to play now. It was no small feat to move not one but *two* pianos, but a great crew of men helped us and we finally got everything where it needed to be on Friday. The kids are *so* excited (I hope they stay that way when they have to start actually *practicing! ;-)), and so am I!
ETA: Can anyone help me figure out how to position the photos in my post where I want them? When I use more than one photo in a post, I can't seem to get them to end up where they are supposed to! (I *wanted* the full piano on the right at the top with text to the left of it, and the piano keys at the bottom of the post in the center...help!)
ETA2: Thanks to Joyful Days for helping me figure out how to get things (mostly:)) where I want them!!


Joyful Days said...

Lovely piano. Life is just so much better with music!!

About the photos--to get the text farther up in the left corner, you should just be able to back space until the text moves up in the "compose" mode. (It is hard to move in HTML mode b/c the photos are symbols there.)

To get the keys image down farther, click on the image to highlight it then "drag" and "drop" it where you want.

It takes a little bit of practice and I've deleted a lot of images in doing so. Just sigh and re-upload them and do it over.

Also if you are using Internet Explorer it seems to be easier than Firefox (I have & use both for different things.)If you use IE you can type your post in a Word doc and copy and paste after you upload your photos. It was easier when I started that way.

Just play around with it. I won't tell you how many edits I have sometimes. LOL ;P

Hope there's something of value in this long windy comment!


Jennifer said...

Thanks, Joyful! Your directions helped me get it fixed. I had tried to drag and drop earlier and for some reason it didn't work...guess I didn't stick with it long enough. :)