30 Days Hath...NaBloPoMo {Or the Post in Which I May or May Not Have Taken Complete Leave of My Senses}

Here's the plan. 30 Days. 30 blog posts. Yes, I very well may have taken complete leave of my senses.

Why, you ask?

Well, if you take a little scroll down the page, you'll notice that the last time I blogged was September 8. September 8! That's almost two months without a blog post. That doesn't mean I haven't written--nope, I have dozens of blog posts in draft, partially finished, awaiting photos, links, and other finishing touches, and at least a dozen more thoughts jotted down on index cards or typed in Evernote.

I've been pondering goals for November for a few weeks now, and one of those ponderings has involved blogging daily. The last time I posted anywhere near regularly was back in June, when I posted 30 days straight for Blogathon. I decided I needed a similar challenge this month, and then realized that November is NaBloPoMo: National Blog Posting Month. Another official 30 day blog posting challenge--perfect!

So what's the problem?

Well, first of all, it's November. November is a busy month, y'all. Seriously busy.  Life is busy enough these days without holidays, and the holidays are now just around the corner.

Secondly...well, secondly may be the fact that I can't even remember what secondly was. While I was putting groceries away and doing laundry earlier (but not much earlier!), I had at least two and possibly three reasons why the fact that I've signed up (yes, officially signed up) for NaBloPoMo may possibly indicate that I've taken complete and total leave of my senses.

And now I have no idea what two and possibly three were.

I'm going to blame that on the fact that I've been up and going like mad since 3:15 this morning.

Those of you who know better...just pretend with me, okay?

There's no telling where this month may take us. The plans so far include some fun posts, some serious posts, some helpful hints posts, and at least one highly indignant post. Then again, I know from past history that plans don't necessarily mean much.

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And if you blog (or would like to blog!), join me for NaBloPoMo! Leave a link to your blog in the comments and let me know you are participating. I'd love to follow along! 


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