"I Don't Know About Tomorrow..."

I love God's timing, even in the little things. :)  I woke up this morning with the song "I Know Who Holds Tomorrow" on my mind...thinking back to the fact that 9 years ago today was our last day of "normal" for many years, although we had no idea at the time that that would be the case. I don't remember much about February 3, 2004...I know that it was a Tuesday. I know that I was 29 1/2 weeks pregnant with our fourth child. I know that I was feeling very overwhelmed at the time, although I can't remember exactly why.  I know that I uttered two "famous last word" statements that day...one to a friend (the theologically incorrect, "I know God doesn't give us more than we can handle, but I've told Him that I am THERE")...and the other to my mom, who was getting ready to go out of state to take my dad to the dr. the next day.  They were concerned about leaving due to my pregnancy and an impending snowstorm..."What if you need something and we can't get back?"  To which I replied "We'll be fine.  Nothing is going to happen in the next two days."

Which just goes to show how much I knew.  Ha!  36 hours later I was in the back of an ambulance in premature labor on the way to Little Rock in the middle of a snowstorm. I had no idea on February 3, 2004 what "tomorrow" held.

But God has taught me the truth of the old song so clearly in the intervening years.  I don't know about tomorrow.  I have no idea what it may hold.  We've seen that over and over.  And yet we have also seen over and over that even when tomorrow holds disaster...we do know Who holds tomorrow, and we know that if we are His, He holds our hand.  Or, as Isaiah 40:11 says, He holds us close to His heart, as a shepherd carries a baby lamb. I love that image!

So...this week, I've been linking on Facebook to the top 15 blog posts of 2012 here on Ponderings of an Elect Exile.  I realized I was going to be gone all day and decided I needed to post the link early today, so I flipped over to my list of posts...and realized that the #12 post of 2012, due to be posted today, was "I Know Who Holds Tomorrow".  The subject is a bit different, but the truth is the same...no matter WHAT uncertainty lies ahead, He has promised that He will be with us, that it is part of His plan, and that He is working for our good and His glory in it.  He is faithful...always.  I am so thankful for that this morning and always! 

We have called Ammah Grace...the little preemie who was in such a rush to enter the world that February 9 years ago...our walking, talking, running, jumping, giggling reminder of God's faithfulness.  It's hard to believe we'll be celebrating her 9th birthday in a few days.  So thankful always for our miracle girl, too!

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