Another Day of Memories...

So many days of remembrance lately...anniversaries, birthdays, and other memorable markers.  I'm rather hit and miss about posting lately (about those or anything else!), and for anyone who might be wondering...that has only to do with the limitations of my brain and body, nothing more.  I'm only getting to about 1/25th (judging by the things I'm marking off on my "To Do" list) of the things I need/want to be doing these days, and the stats on the blog posts I'm getting done are even worse than my general list!  But...today I happened to have photos easily accessible to help commemorate the 102nd anniversary of Granny Kitty's birth, so I'm going to take a few minutes to post them.  I'm having some typing issues at the moment, so I won't say the dozens of other things I'd like to say...I'll let some old scrapbook pages do the talking instead.  (You should be able to click on the images to make them larger if you have trouble reading the journaling...)

Granny Kitty and I with the car that started my Ghia obsession. :)

Granny and Papaw with Daddy and I at our apartment in Birmingham.

Brown Family...Papaw, Granny Kitty, Daddy, and Emma Jo...1940.

Love this pic of Mother and Granny Kitty at my wedding!  Granny's trademark expression when she was concentrating.  Papaw used to say that if you cut out her tongue, she wouldn't be able to accomplish anything. :)       

Happy Birthday, Granny Kitty!!

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