Thankful for Family Fun...

Tried to post this last night, but Blogger wouldn't let me...so I'm going to try to post quickly now for yesterday, and then post again later tonight.  I had planned to post last night that I am thankful for my in-laws.  I don't often say that, but I am. :) 

Last night Billy's whole entire family got together at his sister's house...his parents, both sisters and their spouses, Billy and I, and all the grandchildren.  That doesn't happen often...in fact, that may have been about the third time we've *all* been together at the same time since Sheryl got married.  (With Shelly working in retail, and Billy and Sheryl working in healthcare, there just aren't a whole lot of times they are all off work at the same time.)

How many Harrises does it take to solve a word puzzle?

I posted this on Facebook last night when we got home...

It doesn't happen often, but I am completely and totally "noised" out. 1 Italian mother, her 3 Italian children, 7 Italian grandchildren, and 6 dogs...it was great fun, but I am ready for about 12 hours of complete and total silence. So funny...the 11 Italians were talking non-stop, all at the same time...while Granddad, Larry, Tim, and I spent most of the evening just taking it all in. My children have been forbidden to speak above a whisper the rest of the evening. :-D

Actually, upon further thought, the grandchildren vary in their intensity levels.  Brianna is probably the quietest of the bunch, followed by Emlyn.  The boys and Ammah Grace are somewhere in the middle near the top, and Bayley and Aeryn...well, let's just say that there's not a quiet bone in either of their bodies. :)

Regardless, we did have a lot of fun last night.  It was fun for my kids to hear the reminiscing by Nonna and Granddad and Billy and the girls...took me back to the days of the Brown/Beene/Robertson clan reminiscing in Granny Kitty's living room (albeit MUCH more quietly), and the Folsom/Marks family dinners (with just as many stories, and a little more noise than Granny Kitty's house :)).

I am thankful for my in-laws, and for the fun family time we had last night. :)

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