It's November!

How in the world can it be November already??  Seems like we were just barely ringing in 2012!  November is one of my favorite months...fall finally "settling in" in Arkansas, Thanksgiving, Christmas rehearsals (most of the time that's a good thing...*grin*)...lots of good things.  

November is also host to a number of interesting events:  No-Shave November, "NaNoWriMo" (National Novel Writing Month), Native American Heritage Month, and (one of the more interesting) National Pomegranate Month.  It's also Epilepsy Awareness Month, which I plan to post on in a day or two.

Here at Ponderings of an Elect Exile, we're celebrating November with a two-pronged goal.  One...after a rather quiet October on the blog, my goal is to post every day in November.  It may be a super-simple post...but something, every single day for 30 days.  (My record, in case anyone other than me is interested, is 28 days in a month, way back in July of 2007!  I was surprised...I thought last November's 22 days was probably the record. :))  And two...while I won't be doing separate 30 Days of Gratefulness posts as I did last November, I do plan to end each post this month with something I'm grateful for.  

I'm starting off simple on this first day of November...I'm thankful for a cleaned and defrosted deep freeze today!  It's one of those chores that's been overdue for a while, and today I finally snapped. :)  I'm thankful for my husband and children, who helped me finish the job when my energy began to sag, and for the affluence (compared to much of the world) that provides enough food to need such an appliance.  I'm thankful it's cleaned out and ready for the holiday season, and for all that that season represents.  Later in the month I'm sure I'll be thankful for bigger, deeper things, but for today...I'm grateful for my clean, de-iced deep freeze!

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