Day 20 ~ My Sunday School class :)

Meant to come home last night and finish Saturday's not-quite-finished post and do this one as well...but instead, I came home and went to bed early...Gracie wanted some reading time with Mommy after a busy weekend, and then I did some reading of my own...:)

But yesterday I was reminded again how thankful I am for my Sunday School class.  Several weeks ago, Bro. Kent preached about spiritual gifts and knowing our calling.  One of the questions that he asked during that sermon was "What is burning in your bones that you have to do for God?"  For years I "filled a spot" teaching in the bed babies class...I enjoyed it, I was meeting a need, but it was not my calling...it was definitely not a "burning in your bones" thing.  I knew that I loved teaching youth and adults...the times that I have taught youth and/or adults either at church or in my career over the years have been the most fulfilling times of all.  So when God opened the opportunity for me to teach the youth girls in Sunday School, I was thrilled.  And when Bro. Kent asked the question about the "burning in your bones"...I knew just what he was talking about!  That is exactly how I feel about teaching this class. 

I told the girls once again yesterday...God seems to always bring just the lesson that I need to *learn* every week as I prepare to teach.  I love the lessons, I love the preparation, and most of all, I love the girls!  They bless me in so many ways every week.  I love our discussion times during class, I love the insights that they come up with and the questions they ask.  I love the looks on their faces when they see something in a verse or passage that has never hit them that way before. I wish we had more time to delve into things each week...we almost never have time to actually *finish* our lesson...but I'm trying to learn to put that time crunch in God's hands and trust that He will help us cover what He wants us to cover, and that He can do the work He has to do in us even when our time is short! 

I am so thankful for the opportunity to teach this class, and to be involved in our youth department.  I'm thankful for our youth leadership, and our church staff, and the fact that our youth department is far from a "typical" youth program.  I'm thankful for my two youth (although I'm still trying to figure out how my kids were all "little kids" just yesterday and now I have two in the youth department!), and for the opportunity for them to be involved in this ministry. And I'm so thankful for all "my girls" and the opportunity that God has given me to be part of their lives during this time. 


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