30 Days of Gratitude ~ Days 9-14 (Backtracking :))

Backtracking now to catch up...again...on my 30 Days of Gratitude posts.  We went out of town for a couple of days, and the posts I'd plan to schedule before we left didn't get done...and then since we've been home, I've been dealing with pain issues that have interfered with my best-laid plans.  Hopefully I'll get caught up today and stay on track the last half the month!  

Day 9 ~ Thankful for God's plans that are always better than ours.  We'd had a trip planned for months, but have had to change our plans more than once in the last few weeks...and then again at the last minute, we had to cancel our plans for Tuesday and not leave until Wednesday.  Then it stormed...all day...hard...Tuesday...right along the path we would have been traveling.  So thankful for protection and reason for thanksgiving even in the midst of disappointment! 

Day 10 ~ Thankful for a much-needed getaway to Petit Jean for a few days.  We all needed this trip, and the weather and the park were beautiful!  More on our trip soon...but for now, a couple of preview pics...:) 

Day 11 ~ Veterans' Day ~ Thankful today for those past and present who have sacrificed in so many ways for our freedom....especially friends whose families are separated right now due to deployment.  They are true heroes! 

Day 12 ~ My grandparents!  November 12 would have been my Granny Marks's 100th birthday.  She's been gone 15 years, and I still miss her terribly.  What I would give now for some of her fried chicken, or turkey and dressing, or homemade pimento cheese, or even her perfectly cooked scrambled eggs.  And chocolate cake.  Yum.  (I'm getting really hungry all of the sudden!)   She gave me a love for "little things" (which seems to have passed on to my Emlyn in her genes :)), for pens and paper, for papercrafting, and for journals, among other things.  She loved her birds, and would be so happy that Billy and I are now taking care of the birds in what used to be her yard.  

I am thankful for all of my grandparents and the impact they had on my life. 

Christmas at Granny Marks's ~ 1971?

Thanksgiving 1971 ~ Nobody cooked turkey and dressing better than Granny Marks!

Granny with her first grandchild (me :)) ~ January 1969

Day 13 ~ As we are now into our second week without a dryer, I am thankful for all of the appliances/conveniences I so often take for granted.  For hot and cold running water, for all kinds of appliances to keep food cold and make food hot when needed.  For indoor plumbing!  For telephones, computers, and even a cell phone.   For a washer and {most of the time!} dryer. :)  For fans in the summer {and fall, this year :)} and heaters in the winter.  For cars so that we don't have to walk everywhere we go.  So thankful for all these things that are such a luxury to so much of the world.  (P.S....We have a new-to-us dryer as of Monday, for which we are VERY thankful!)

Day 14 ~ Although we are enjoying Billy's vacation right now, and wish it could last longer, I am reminded how thankful I am for his job.  He's been in his current position 6 years today, and with the hospital itself for over 15 years.  I'm thankful for the ways God has provided through this job all these years, and I'm thankful that he has a job in the current economy and job market, as we pray for many who are job-hunting right now.  

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. ~James 1:17

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