Simple Woman's Daybook...October 26

Outside my window...LOTS of leaves on the ground after the rain we had during the night.  Birds chirping LOUDLY.  Cloudy and gray, but thankfully not raining at the moment.
I am thinking...about how fast my children are growing up.  As Peter keeps reminding me (several times a day :)), he's almost 12.  Ammah Grace will be 6 in a few short months.  And how in the world did Bayley and Emlyn get to be 10 and 8??   I've been really convicted lately about making the most of every minute I have left with them before they leave home.
I am thankful for...My husband, who has shouldered way more than his "share" of responsibilities around here lately and who never complains.
From the learning rooms...Pretty much planning "bare bones basics" school this week...Bible and the 3 R's.  Dad has offered to do some science enrichment  in the evening...I'm thankful for that!
From the kitchen...I have to rave about the pizzas Billy made yesterday.  Bacon Alfredo pizzas, one with grilled chicken, and one with meatballs...absolutely the best pizzas I've ever eaten.  I hope he's making more later in the week!  Yum!
I am wearing...a warm, fuzzy black plaid fleece jacket over comfy all-black knit.  It's chilly in here this morning, and it's a comfy clothes week here. :)
I am creating...an adjusted schedule to deal with life changes since the start of the school year.  I'm so thankful for the flexibility homeschooling allows to deal with those changes always!
I am going...blessedly, not much of anywhere this week other than Wednesday night church, and an evening run to the library and store to restock perishables.  Between the chicken pox the girls are passing around, and adjusting to being a one-car family again (we've been very spoiled!:)), our "going" has all but ground to a halt.  Right now, that's actually a blessing...I'm thankful for the down time God has given.
I am reading....Same things I was reading last week, plus trying to get through a stack of library books that need to go back tomorrow! 
I am praying for...friends going through very hard times right now.  Seems like so many are going through really rough storms...some ongoing and/or multiple at once.  So thankful that God has them *all* in the palm of His hand!
I am hearing...water dripping outside, birds chirping, a quiet house (for a very few more minutes, I'm sure. :))
Around the house...So many plans, so little time and energy!  I'm trying to work through a "Make the most of my minutes and resources" plan to get some relatively simple and inexpensive things done that should make a big impact on overall "liveability".  Also looking at some longer-term plans, like what to do about our silly (very) old roof. :)
One of my favorite things...crafting with my kids, and watching their creativity flourish.
A few plans for the rest of the week:   School, housework, cooking, church.  And piano practice...LOTS of piano practice on the children's choir Christmas music!
Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

Emlyn, Ammah Grace, and I had "Girls' Day" Saturday while Billy, Peter, and Bayley were at the Fall Festival.  We spent the afternoon doing some cool crafty stuff.  Em designed and created this tag all by herself.  I was really proud of her. :)  Hopefully I'll get more pics of our "Girls' Day" up soon.

Thanks to Peggy for hosting the Daybook each week.  


t marie said...

It is so nice to get to read an update! I wish I were able to read more often.

I love you guys and I am praying for you. You are such a blessing to me.

t marie said...

I forgot to tell Emlyn that I loved her tag!