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I am woefully behind on blogging. (Perhaps I should change that sentence to "I am woefully behind" period? :) I seem to stay that way.) My "To Blog" list just keeps growing, and despite the fact that every week (well, almost every week...some weeks I know better from the outset!) I tell myself "I am going to blog every day, and I am going to make a dent in my "To Post" list", it just doesn't seem to happen.

Anyway...I am making yet another effort to "get caught up". Now..."caught up" is all relative; I am never going to be "caught up" in blogging, any more than I am going to be "caught up" on scrapbooking or "caught up" on housework. I'm mainly just shooting for not getting any further behind, at this point. :)

I am going to endeavor to post not one post, but several, today...we'll see how that goes. And then I'm actually going to try out the auto-post function (I hope) for a few posts next week. I've been wanting to participate with Elise at A Path Made Straight in Children's Book Monday for a long time, but I never seem to be able to squeeze that in on Monday. And Tina at Prairie Sings has been encouraging me to join with her in posting on Fridays about the art we are doing in school. I haven't managed that yet, either. :) So maybe the auto-post function will help me with those issues.

Now...on to today's (first?) post. I'm taking the easy way out here and posting some links I've been wanting to post this week, along with a few random odds and ends from life around here lately.

{Just as an aside...people sometimes ask me how I have time to blog. I reply that my posts are very rarely composed in one sitting...I may work on a post 2 or 3 sentences at a time for half a day or more, in between "life" and "interruptions". This post is a good example. I started it before 7 a.m. It's now 10:30. In between, I have fixed breakfast, put in a load of laundry, done some dishes while talking on the phone, found clothes for 3 children to wear to a wedding this afternoon, and watched (I started to say "helped", but that would be waaay pushing it :)) Billy take out a window air conditioner. (It's now 11:30, and I have found my clothes for the wedding, started lunch, finished the load of l

I came back to this post this morning and am LOL. That was typed Saturday morning. It is now Sunday morning, 6:54 a.m. Not only did I not post *more* than one post yesterday, I didn't even finish this one!! I thought I would leave the above paragraph just as it was when I came back to it this morning, just so you could share the humor with me. This is the way my blogging often goes. :) My computer froze up during the typing of the word "laundry", so I got up to work on something else while it did whatever it does when it is frozen like that, and then I didn't get back to it until it was too late (and I was too traumatized from deer dodging! :-D) to finish it.

We went to a most beautiful wedding for friends who had both waited a long time for God's best for them. Our children had been as excited as if it were Christmas! (I threatened to make a paper chain for Ammah Grace...she came in every morning saying, "Is Miss Phyllis's wedding TODAY? How many more days, Mama???" Even Peter was caught up in the excitement!) Then what was supposed to be a quick trip to a friend's house to get my hair trimmed ended up instead being a much-needed shopping and dinner run to NWA. I'm so thankful for the blessing of wonderful friends!

This morning I am home from church with one child who appears to be sick...the jury is still out as to what is going on, but we are keeping her home until we are sure...and three others who are home because I am home and Daddy is speaking to a military group this morning and then racing to church in time for the worship service, we hope. :)

Anyway...back to my original post!

1. Not a link, but photos of the latest project from the scrapbooking class I'm teaching at co-op. I had seen something similar a LONG time ago and planned to try it myself, but still hadn't gotten around to it when I saw this. LOVE the family rules idea...definitely planning to do that one soon! In the meantime we did these with verses or photos in class this week and had such a great time with them! The girls did beautiful work...I was really proud of them.

This was my class sample...(these photographed weird no matter what I did...the mod podge doesn't look clear/dry here, but it is IRL.)

Bayley's project from class. Again, photo'd weird...ugh! But she did a beautiful job.

2. These calendar art journal pages are just amazing. After years of regular journaling, followed by years of only-very-sporadic journaling, I am finally getting back into the habit of journaling during my Bible Study and prayer time. Lately I have been wanting to get back to journaling the "daily" stuff as well, but can't seem to make myself sit down and write a page...or even a paragraph...every day. THIS I think I could do. Fun crafty-artsy stuff plus small snippets of our days I think I could manage. And last night I even got a fabulous deal on a journal to use...I had just been wishing I had one with blank pages, and Jodie found some that fit the bill perfectly for an amazing price. :) Now I'm wishing I'd gotten more! Maybe I'll have some time to work on that today while we are home.

3. Speaking of calendars, these are completely adorable! (If you hit "click to zoom", you can see different views, some of which are cuter than the one on the main page. :)) Given my penchant for doodling, I'm going to have to try my hand at something similar!

4. I don't know if I've mentioned here that I LOVE Gerbera Daisies. YYY I happened upon this cake last week, which I think may quite possibly be THE cutest cake and THE cutest cupcakes I have ever seen in my entire life. I Y daisies!

5. I have really been enjoying Elise's blog, A Path Made Straight, recently. I came across this post this morning, and it really hit home with me. It's so easy to fall into the "Well, the day is ruined, I guess we'll start over tomorrow" trap. How much better to stop, re-commit the day to God and redeem the rest of the time. I so needed to read this today!

I think I'm finally going to stop and hit publish on this post. Maybe I'll be back with a *real* post later. :)

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