Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY...October 19th 

Outside my window... Sunny, chilly, promising a beautiful day!

I am thinking... My mind is so full right now I'm having a hard time  settling down to concentrate on anything in particular!    Hopefully this afternoon I'm going to have some time to sit down and get those thoughts organized a bit. :)

I am thankful for... everyday reminders of God's love and faithfulness.   (And especially thankful this week for a car that runs!)

I am wearing... Fleece Razorback pullover and gray sweats, and warm fuzzy slippers.   It's chilly in this house this morning! :)

I am remembering...  5 years ago...thinking about lessons I learned then that I need to remember now,  thinking about all God has taught me since, thinking about the drastic differences between God's plans and my plans (and the fact that His plans are *always* good, no matter what they may look like at the time!), and thinking about the fact that out of the hardest times, God can bring very great blessings.

I am going... to be home most of the week...yay!!

I am reading... Scared, by Tom Davis.  

Also reading Raising Children to Adore God, by Patrick Kavanaugh, and Praying God's Word, by Beth Moore.

I am hoping... for a week full of sunshine!!

On my mind... plans for this week and for the coming months as we head into the holiday season and the end of the year.

From the learning rooms... Just praying for a plain ole' normal week of school this week!  (Whatever that may be...:))

Noticing that... Apparently I'm not noticing much, because I've been trying to come up with a response to this all morning and can't seem to come up with one. :)   Maybe I'm noticing that I need to be more observant???  :-D

From the kitchen... Jodie has me craving pumpkin baked goods. :)  Right now I'm trying to decide between pumpkin bread, my MIL's pumpkin bars, or these yummy-looking pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

Around the house... Still need to move the books I was going to move last week and finish the seasonal clothes swap.  Other things ended up being higher priority last week. :)   Also need to paint the old sewing machine cabinet that is on the front porch, and fill ten bags with stuff to give away or donate.

One of my favorite things~ Seeing my children excited about working together on a project. :)

Pondering These Words... 

"If we have never had the experience of taking our commonplace religious shoes 
off our commonplace religious feet, 
and getting rid of all the undue familiarity with which we approach God, 
it is questionable whether we have ever stood in His presence.    
The people who are flippant and familiar are those who have never yet been introduced to Jesus Christ.  After the amazing delight and liberty of realizing what Jesus Christ does
comes the impenetrable darkness of realizing who He is."  
~ Oswald Chambers

This reminded me of Bro. Kent's sermon yesterday morning...about how casually we often approach God, and how wrong it is to approach the "thrice-Holy" God in a casual manner.   When we truly begin to realize His Holiness, it will impact the way we approach Him, and the way we approach worship.    

From my picture journal...

Emlyn made a teeny-tiny basket full of teeny-tiny fruits and veggies for the art fair last week.  Hopefully I'll get the rest of the art fair pics up soon!

Thanks to Peggy for hosting the Daybook each week!  


Anonymous said...

Beautiful daybook entry! I've enjoyed my visit this afternoon.

Cute fruits and veggies...lots of creativity.


Samantha said...

Those fruits and veggies are darling!

And I'm praying with you for a "normal" school week...do those ever actually happen?

Jennifer said...

Thanks! on the fruits and veggies. Emlyn is my "tiny things" lover. She worked so hard on the miniature produce. :)

Samantha...I'm not sure they do, but I keep hoping! :) I keep reminding myself I am so thankful for the flexibility homeschooling allows us...I just wish sometimes we didn't *need* quite so much of it. :)

A Gracious Home said...

I often ponder on how awesome our God is and yet we are told we can boldly go before His throne. I think that I will do a study on that. I loved your daughter's artwork. I make things like that with my grands. They love to make play-dough. God bless, Doylene

Beth said...

Jen, What did you think of Raising Children that Adore God?

Beth in Asia

Jennifer said...

Beth...believe it or not, I'm still reading it..."chewing" on small bits at a time between other reading.:) So far, much of it is really resonating with me...I've been so convicted in the past year or so that our main goal as parents is to lead our children to treasure God in their hearts above anything else. It's so easy to get caught up in having "well-behaved" children sometimes, and not move beyond that to the most important, you know? He seems to be coming from that same place. I am hoping to blog about some of it soon.

I know that someone on HK had said they weren't terribly impressed with it...was that you? I meant to ask, and never did, if that was because it just wasn't anything especially "new" or because there were things that they didn't agree with. I am reading with caution. :)