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Mary DeMuth has done it again! Before I had turned the last page in the first book in her Defiance Texas Trilogy, I was practically panting for the sequel. Apparently I wasn't the only one...it seems everyone who read Daisy Chain can't get their hands on A Slow Burn fast enough. My word of warning to those who ask...and those who don't, I suppose :)...is this: A Slow Burn *is* as good as Daisy Chain, but the similarities don't stop at the characters with whom you become entwined, the plot in which you immediately become immersed, and the thought-provoking underlying messages. As you reach the last page or two of the book, you realize you have come to the end...and yet you haven't. There must be more...because you are still grasping for answers and resolution. But the only "more" to be found is the tantalizing preview of the *third* book in the Defiance Trilogy. Ahhh...the agony of well-written series fiction!

A Slow Burn starts where Daisy Chain left off, with the discovery of young Daisy Chance's body two months after her mysterious disappearance. In the sequel, however, the focus moves from Jed Pepper, Daisy's best friend, to Emory Chance, Daisy's mother, and her grief, guilt, and struggle for survival. Hixon Jones has a strong supporting role again, now protecting and pursuing "Missy", as he calls Emory.

One caution: This book is not for younger readers. Its subject matter is dark and gritty, with accompanying raw emotions. However, DeMuth tackles hard issues...drug abuse, depression, guilt, shame...with a large infusion of truth, grace, forgiveness, unconditional love, and hope. She describes the themes of the book this way:

"You’re never too far from God’s grace and love and forgiveness. That God is a pursuing, redemptive, relentless God. He loves His children, even when they run far, far away. That Jesus comes to us in surprising packages, and sometimes we’re so bothered by appearances that we miss Him."

Then she explains what she would like for readers to take away from this book:

"That God is bigger than our sin, our regret, our hopelessness. He takes delight in intersecting the darkest of circumstances. He is there, available."

Mary DeMuth is a master writer. She can spin a story that weaves its web around you and draws you in until the final page, and doesn't completely let go even then. She is also a devoted follower of Jesus. Her writing reflects her love for Him and her compassion for others. A Slow Burn is a gripping, compelling read. It is available at Amazon and bookstores everywhere. More reviews from this week's blog tour can be found at Blog Tour Spot. And be sure to visit Mary's website and blog for more information on Mary and her books!

I am excited to be participating as an Influencer for this book, courtesy of Zondervan Publishing, and to be a part of this week's blog tour, sponsored by Blog Tour Spot. Thanks to both for the opportunity to receive an advance copy of the book and participate in this week's release party activities!

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