"Not-So-Basic Bookmaking" ~ Spring Co-Op

Just a few quick photos from last spring's "Not-So-Basic Bookmaking" class, for those who may be interested in taking the second round this spring.  We had a *great* time last year, and I'm looking forward to more creative adventures this time!   It is so cool to see the individual creativity of each child come out in their projects.  (Last spring's class was all girls, but I think we are going to have at least one boy this year. )

Accordian Book.   This was the class sample...some of the girls' work can be seen in the presentation night photo below.

Presentation Night.  These were a very few samples of the books the girls completed.  They did such a great job on *all* their books!

Class.  I think we used every inch of our little room!  There were girls and supplies everywhere. :)  We had a blast!   One of my goals for this class is for the children to learn to express their own creativity...to take the bookmaking skills we are learning and make the projects their own...not a copy of the instructor's sample.  The girls did such a great job...it's amazing how even at their young ages, their sense of their own style is beginning to develop.  By the end of co-op, I could look at several of their projects and tell who made them without being told. :)  

Details for this spring's class are on the loop.  Come join us!!

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