Fall Festival

I'm really behind on blog posts...so I am going to make a valiant effort to catch up (somewhat) tonight. We'll see how far I get. :) Fortunately, several posts should be mostly photos, with little narrative. ;-)

The OCBC Fall Festival was last Saturday (I said I was behind!) These pictures are in completely random order, as I didn't think to put them in groups backward as I usually do to accommodate Blogger's photo upload process. Oops. :)

Ammah Grace, just before we left to go home. She was *quite* worn out by this point.

Emlyn showing off her candy. :)

Not quite sure what Kathy was marvelling at, but Philly was getting a kick out of it!

Ammah Grace getting her face painted. She would have nothing to do with the face paint for the first hour, but finally gave in, and later decided she wanted a Snoopy like Emlyn's.

Emlyn's Snoopy...
I think this was the only picture I got of Peter the whole day. I couldn't keep up with him! This was his favorite game...Mrs. Tammy's fish pond.

The bean bag toss suddenly became much more popular when Eriq made himself the target! ;-)

Kaitlyn showing off her flower face paint....

The Cake Walk. This was Billy's favorite game. :)

Bayley's pumpkin...to match her earrings. :)

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