Blast from the Past....

I've been cleaning out/re-organizing the dining/school/scrapbook room, and running across all kinds of interesting things in the process. I couldn't resist making this my Facebook profile picture for a while...it's my all-time favorite picture of Tauna and I (from a *million* years ago...well, okay, maybe not quite 20 ;-)) It's actually one of those giant buttons from a mall photo booth...too funny. (Okay...T, I suddenly had a thought here...was this from the same mall outing as the infamous Lerner's trip?? The white blouse one?? Hmmm. I'm trying to remember what year it's from and I can't even do that. *rolling eyes*)

It took Tauna less than an hour to find it and snag it for *her* profile pic...so now we have matching avatars. :-D It's almost like being back in high school! ;-) I suppose it's fitting...I have been in a bit of a nostalgic mood this week. I'm not sure if it's getting in touch with some old friends through our blogs and Facebook, playing Scramble online with Tauna (we used to play strategy/word games together years ago...often with my dad :)), or just life in general right now, but I've pondered life *then* and *now* and all that has happened in between more than usual.

Btw...if you haven't already this week, you *must* go to Tauna's blog. Now. Well...actually, grab a drink and get comfortable, and *then* go to her blog. She is posting her Haiti journal and pictures, and they are absolutely awesome. Great photos, narrative that will make you feel like you are *right there*, and such a great testimony of God's work there. Incredible stuff.


Kecia said...

Awesome picture! I laughed out loud. And boy does it bring back memories. :) I went to Tauna's blog--wow.

t marie said...

Jef!! You nerd!

With Super Summer I'm a little late getting my Scraps & Snippets.

WoW! I laughed out loud too!! Even though we share this on facebook I didn't expect to see it (so large) on your blog! Could my glasses be any bigger?

I still have my button packed away too. And I miss playing games with Mr. Bill Foy.

Yes, it was the same mall as "the Lerner incident." And I think it was 16 years ago.

I love you! You're my favorite!