Works for Me Wednesday {Electric Skillet Love}

It's been a LONG time since I've done a Works for Me Wednesday post. Today, however, as I used our new-to-us electric skillet for the second time in 18 hours, I decided perhaps it was time to get back in the WFMW swing of things. 

When we were first married, my dear friends and former bosses, David and Mary Pratt, gave us an electric skillet as a wedding gift. I hadn't used an electric skillet a great deal prior to that, and I don't remember using it a whole lot the first couple of years we were married. 

Then, however, we moved into this house, and a very few months after we moved in, the oven died.  I don't remember how long we were without an oven that time, but we very quickly got creative with what my WB sisters call "kitchen servants".  That's when I began to develop a deep affinity for the electric skillet.

We eventually bought a used oven, but we still used our electric skillet quite a bit.  Used it so much, in fact, that we ended up replacing it after 12 years or so.  Then our second oven died.  The electric skillet, the crock pot, and other small appliances got even more of a workout. 

Last year we were gifted a brand new range/oven.  We've put a lot of miles on it in the last year!  But our electric skillet continues to see a lot of use.  It's easy to pull out when needed, it's better for things like pancakes and bacon than a regular skillet, and it doesn't heat up the kitchen on hot days. 

Billy and I had been saying for months that we were going to need to replace our electric skillet soon.  We were thrilled when his mom brought us a new-to-us one when she came to town Sunday. 

As I said, I've used it twice in the last two days. It's a 16-inch, extra-deep model, making it perfect for cooking a big batch of pancakes, laying flat a whole package of bacon at a time, or even frying chicken (it's been  LONG time since I've done that, but this skillet may prompt me to try. :)

So, electric skillets, particularly the larger models, are handy for several reasons:

  • They cook evenly. No "hot spots". 
  • They stay a consistent temperature. 
  • They are convenient for cooking larger amounts of food. 
  • They're actually easy to clean, despite what I would have thought before using one regularly.   

Do you have a favorite small appliance?  Tell me about it in the comments!  I'd also love to hear how you use your electric skillet if you have one.  

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