Teaching Creativity: Creativity Challenges for Kids

We've talked about Why we need to teach creativity, we've discussed some of the Hows of teaching creativity, and we've listed some resources for teaching creativity.

Over the coming weeks, we'll continue to share resources and ideas for developing creativity in our children (and in ourselves!)  Today's topic: Creative Challenges for Kids.

One way to encourage children's creativity is to give them a challenge.  This can be done in a number of ways.  Here are three ways to get your children's creative juices flowing:

1. Individual or Family Challenges

This can be a spur of the moment challenge from mom or dad, or a regularly occurring family event. Give a child, or the whole family, a set of parameters or a collection of supplies and issue the challenge.

Grab a handful of office supplies, hand it to a bored child, set a timer for 30 minutes, and see what cool invention they can come up with.

Or have a variety of craft supplies and recycled items available, and have each member of the family design their own ___________ (bird, vehicle, building, robot...the list is endless.)  This can be customized according to family interests or what is being studied in school at the time.

Another possibility is to let the child come up with the challenge.

This is a great example of a family challenge: Pipe Cleaner Challenge

2. Community Events

Check your local newspaper or community calendar for creative opportunities in your area.  Art fairs are often available through your child's school or homeschool  group.  State and county fair competitions can provide great motivation for creative projects.  Local nature centers, businesses, and civic organizations sometimes sponsor competitions as well.

3. Online Challenges

There are two types of online challenges...challenges for which children actually submit their creative projects by a certain deadline, and open-ended challenge ideas which are for personal use only and can be done in any time frame. The following list contains both types:

(As always, I'm unable to vouch for everything on these sites. Please use your own discretion in determining their appropriateness for your family!)

I'd love to hear how you challenge your family to stretch their creative muscles!  I'd also love to hear any suggestions for future Creativity Thursday posts.  Shoot me an email through the sidebar widget, or leave a comment below, please!

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