When the Cares of My Heart are Many...

I've said before that my posts are very often written in fits and starts over the course of a day.  Because today marks the one-year anniversary of our moving our membership to Grace, I had planned an update post on the first year of this adventure that God began last summer.

As I kept trying to finish my blog post in between the other tasks of the day today, I just couldn't focus. I thought perhaps it was because I was trying to type in tiny snatches of time, but then earlier this evening when I had a longer pocket of time to write, I realized my mind just wasn't going to focus to write that post.  

My heart is just too heavy.  It just seems like there has been so much grief and loss and sadness lately in those we care about.  We've been through seasons like this before, where the blows just seem to come so close together there isn't even room to breathe.  This has been one of those seasons.

So the post I'd planned for today will come another day. But for today, a much simpler post. Our pastor posted one of my favorite Spurgeon quotes earlier today.  I realized I had created a graphic for it months ago and had never posted it.  So true, and so timely...His Word truly does sustain us in the darkest of times.

So I went searching for the comfort of Scripture today.  I had been praying, "Lord, so many burdens right now.  So many hurting people.  So much tragedy and loss.  Comfort, strengthen, sustain."

And then I came across this verse...so simple, and yet so true:

His consolations truly do cheer our souls when our hearts are heavy and weighed down with cares.  Praying that today for so many who are hurting right now.

Please continue to pray for the Whitten family as they learn to do life without Mrs. Merlene.  And please pray for my long-ago driver's ed partner, Melisa, and her family, as well.  Her oldest son was in a motorcycle wreck yesterday, and sustained severe brain injury. He was taken off life support this afternoon. I can't begin to imagine the pain they are going through right now.

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